In 2014 ALTUS Intervention signed a contract of cooperation within establishing a robust and self-sustainable emergency response organisation within ALTUS Intervention AS.

The intention and main task was to help ALTUS Intervention with training and advice in the re-establishment of our emergency response organisation for 1st 2nd and 3rd line. The work has included:

-       Risk workshops within emergency response

-       Establishment of defined hazardous scenarios for ALTUS Interventions business

-       Evaluation of established emergency response plans

-       Implementation of plans through training and                         evaluation

-       Role specific training and drills

-       Emergency response managers

-       Next of kin team

-       Support fuctions

-       3rd line and media teams

-       Operational training for local first responders

-       Full scale emergency drills involving all levels of the             emergency response organisation

Total Safety AS has been a valuable partner for ALTUS Intervention. Total Safety AS has broad competence and skills to recognise the businesses needs for emergency response and prepare the correct level of preparedness. Instructors, trainers and the management of Total Safety AS has the necessary operative skills and expertise within emergency response, crisis management and communication to effectively assists the business in being prepared for crisis management situations.

ALTUS Intervention will continue the good co-operations with Total Safety AS in the future as our key partner for emergency training and preparation. 


Bjørnar Hedly Lygresten

QHSE Manager

ALTUS Intervention AS



In 2014 Total Safety AS and Weatherford Norway AS signed an integrative cooperation to ensure crisis management and preparedness structure in Weatherford Norway AS.

- Main tasks of cooperation are:

- Motivation, awareness and advice in crisis management / emergency-oriented theme

- Training and exercises of Emergency Management Group, Industrial Defense Group and support functions

- Implementing ELU - Emergency Log Unit, an irreplaceable tool for handling crisis management

- Guidance / mentoring

- Networking

- Courses in Emergency preparedness topics

- Preparation of documentation

 Total Safety AS has with its broad experience and expertise supplied the organization with important knowledge and tools for implementation and continuation of crisis management and preparedness structure in Weatherford Norway AS.

Cooperation with Total Safety AS continues into the future, as a major contributor.


Ragnar Krag Evensen

QHSSE Manager



To be prepared for the unthinkable to happen requires competence, skills and ownership of those involved in the company’s emergency preparedness organization. Oceaneering have put down significant efforts to have a robust and effective emergency preparedness system to manage the operations we are involved in.

Together with several other companies we agreed to participate in an emergency preparedness exercise held and managed by Total Safety. Total Safety took great ownership in the planning phase of the exercise and coordinated the events to take place in the actual exercise in a good manner. 

During the exercise our emergency response team was put to the test for five hours. The sequences of events that took place were very realistic. Messages given to us by clients, media and Next of Kin were all planned and performed by Total Safety. Oceaneering was very pleased to see how realistic Total Safety was able to make this exercise.

Follow up after the exercise was managed well. Total Safety took part in, and gave us valid feedback to help us constantly improve areas within our emergency preparedness where we may see the need to improve. We have annual continual plans to drill our emergency preparedness organization, and we can strongly recommend having emergency drills in cooperation with Total Safety


Ole-Christian Fjeld

Regional HSE Manager Norway


We have learnt to know ELU (Emergency Log Unit) as a tool developed with an uncompromising focus on core functions and user-friendliness, which is what we were looking for when assessing different solutions. The entrance level to the software is low.  It is an intuitive tool – easy to apply, operate and restart, which is clearly a benefit to keep operating skills fresh. This enables a swift and consistent transition to emergency response mode, ensuring precious time and resources are not unnecessarily tied up in the initial mobilizing phase. These features, combined with agreeable low costs in a market focusing on cost efficiency and smart solutions, add high value to the software.  ELU is our preferred logging tool for possible crisis situations. It enables our Emergency Response Team to maintain a robust and sustainable operational level throughout a challenging situation – to the benefit for all Ocean Installer employees, our clients and stakeholders around our various locations worldwide.

Rune Herringbotn
Security Manager
Ocean Installer

Tilbakemelding for vårt arbeid hos Apply Sørco


"Apply Sørco inngikk en avtale med Total Safety i august 2016. I løpet av høsten 2016 har vi i regi av Total Safety gjennomført opplæring og trening av beredskapsledere, loggere, HR/pårørende kontakter og strategisk ledelse inkl. mediahåndtering. Vi har forbedret vårt beredskapsplanverk og har gjennomført flere øvelser med assistanse fra Total Safety. Vi opplever at Total Safety har meget god kompetanse og erfaring til å gjennomføre krevende og realistiske scenarier for uønskede hendelser og skadeomfang, henvendelser fra pårørende og media samt effektiv kommunikasjon både internt og eksternt mot kunder og underleverandører.

Etter at vi installerte ELU software for beredskap- og krisehåndtering har vi fått en effektiv måte å varsle ulike team i vår beredskapsorganisasjon samt et godt verktøy til å håndtere hendelser. ELU gjør at alle involverte parter i beredskapsarbeidet raskt og effektivt får status på utviklingen i hendelsen samt hvilke tiltak som iverksettes. Muligheten til å koble seg opp mot ELU både via web og app gir økt fleksibilitet og at en lettere kan bidra i beredskapsarbeidet selv med stor geografisk spredning av ansatte og ledelse. Pårørendesenteret i ELU software har gitt oss nye muligheter til å sikre en god håndtering av pårørende beredskap.

Alle som er involvert i beredskapsarbeidet i Apply Sørco opplever at treningen og øvelsene sammen med Total Safety har skapt en økt trygghet til å håndtere sin rolle i beredskapsarbeidet men også et bedre  samspill mellom de ulike teamene i beredskapsorganisasjonen. Apply Sørco har i dag en beredskapsorganisasjon som er bærekraftig.  Det er stor grad av engasjement og dedikasjon, noe som gjør at alle bidrar mot et felles mål og en proaktiv beredskapshåndtering."


Best regards
Astrid Aadnøy