We have ambitions on your behalf. We want to see your organization succeed. Our job is to provide the tools, facilitate training, coach and support you in the process of reaching the full potential in emergency response management in your organization. This based on the talent, the competence, the skills and experience you already have. We will develop this beyond the current level. 

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We help you train and prepare your organization to manage a crisis in-house by applying the proactive methodology, which has been in use during emergencies in the oil & gas industry since the early 1990s. Our job is to train your personnel to act rational, structured and predictable in event of a crisis.                       

To save lives, we must always be ready, Total Safety has been crucial in preparing our company for when the crisis occurs. Their personal approach combined with the most intutive software is the main reason why we chose them as our supplier
— Rune Herringbotn, security manager, Ocean Installer


RAYVN enables you to manage incidents through real-time communication and task delegation.It enables you to instantly communicate with staff and partners in case of crisis and disruptive events, and provides excellent post incident documentation. RAYVN is appreciated by our users because of it's simplicity ; virtually no training is needed. Developed in a joint effort between Total Safety AS and Enovate AS.