Great feedback from a great company ( Oceaneering )


To be prepared for the unthinkable to happen requires competence, skills and ownership of those involved in the company’s emergency preparedness organization. Oceaneering have put down significant efforts to have a robust and effective emergency preparedness system to manage the operations we are involved in.

Together with several other companies we agreed to participate in an emergency preparedness exercise held and managed by Total Safety. Total Safety took great ownership in the planning phase of the exercise and coordinated the events to take place in the actual exercise in a good manner. 

During the exercise our emergency response team was put to the test for five hours. The sequences of events that took place were very realistic. Messages given to us by clients, media and Next of Kin were all planned and performed by Total Safety. Oceaneering was very pleased to see how realistic Total Safety was able to make this exercise.

Follow up after the exercise was managed well. Total Safety took part in, and gave us valid feedback to help us constantly improve areas within our emergency preparedness where we may see the need to improve. We have annual continual plans to drill our emergency preparedness organization, and we can strongly recommend having emergency drills in cooperation with Total Safety


Ole-Christian Fjeld

Regional HSE Manager Norway



Vibecke Alvestad