ELU - blir til RAYVN, med global satsning

Salcon Berhad has today signed an agreement with Norwegian companies Total Safety AS and Enovate AS in conjunction with a significant capital investment in Rayvn AS. The investment will help finance continued international expansion of the Incident Management Solution Rayvn – previously known as the Emergency Log Unit (ELU). ELU was originally developed by Enovate and Total Safety. All IP and other related rights have been transferred to Rayvn AS.

Salcon Berhad is a publically listed Malaysian company with a substantial operation in the South-East Asia region. Salcon Berhad has a solid financial base that will serve as significant support for Rayvn as the company expands internationally.

Rayvn will be headed by Henrik von Schlanbusch as CEO from its main office in Bergen, Norway. Rayvn will have subsidiaries with offices in Jonava, Lithuania and in New York, USA.

As a result of this agreement, CEO Henrik von Schlanbusch will from Monday be in New York to support the establishment of the company´s subsidiary in New York that will be headed by John Williams.

Norwegian technology receives significant investment from the Malaysian publicly listed company Salcon Berhad.
The capital will be used for further development and global growth.

Vibecke Alvestad