Total Safety introducing TOTALCare - Next of Kin Management

TOTALCare will provide support to:

  • Next of Kin reaching out via telephone in search of information about the crisis

  • Next of Kin travelling to designated crisis reception center for stand by

  • Evacuees arriving to designated crisis reception center

The Total Safety vision is to walk our clients to the top by providing excellence in all our services and assist our clients in developing sustainable and robust emergency response organizations. Our assignment is to ensure our clients are well prepared to handle any crisis at any time at any location.

We support our clients with strategic and tactical emergency response training, organize practical and psycosocial support for evacuees and Next of Kin in a crisis on site. We also organize client specific events to raise safety awareness, skills and knowledge in the work force.

All our activities are based on three core values, which defines our engagement: We are highly committed to support our clients towards success and to deliver excellent services. We are courageous in our moves and make continuous efforts to development our business relations. Our personnel are highly skilled and experienced professionals, and we are confident our clients always get the best service delivery possible.

We organize our activities in a line of tree different concepts:
TOTALTraining, TOTALCare and TOTALEvent.

Vibecke Alvestad