Travel Safety & Security Awareness (TSSA) Course

Travel is an important part of today’s business life. However, traveling exposes to a variety of risks, including personal health, safety and security issues. These risks are even increased by stress if combined with an unfamiliar or hostile environment.


As a caring employer you feel the obligation to prepare your personnel in the best way for the threat level to be expected during a business travel?

TOTAL SAFETY AS will be of great assistance in achieving your aim!

During the course the participants will be involved in a role play to foster their readiness to be proactive, and, amongst others, they will learn how to:

  • foresee / prevent undesired situations through thorough planning and
  • reduce the risk to themselves and others by effectively identifying and handling potential situations if they occur.

Course Content:

The course is modular and will be specifically tailored to your requirements.

  • Contingency planning - expect the unexpected
  • Vulnerability posed by Social Media and location based service
  • Pre- trip planning and preparation
  • Personal safety and situational awareness, including how to behave, what to do/not to do
  • Safe transition between hotel, airport, meetings & other destinations, vetting means of transportation
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Knowledge of threats posed by nature, crime and terrorism
  • Managing targeted criminal threats - What to do when approached by a stranger & identifying a "set up"
  • A shooting at the mall - What to do? Where to go?
  • Hijacking & Kidnap Avoidance
  • Travel First Aid